• Image of "Hobo Chic" By Victorian Whore Dogs

Victorian Whore Dogs make their Hibernacula Records debut with their latest EP “Hobo Chic”. Continuing with the sound they developed in their EP “Fetch” (2013) as well as pushing the limits of unrelenting sludge laden grooves, thumping tempos and deranged, abrasive vocals.

“Hobo Chic” sees the ragged four piece take their brand of “Sexy Hobo Tramp Core” that fans have come to love and evoking bizarre story telling and comedic values of the likes of “Tim and Eric's Awesome Show” and Chris Morris' “Jam”. The four track EP ranges from stories of nihilistic hatred at everyone and everything, to an epic tale of Conan the barbarian requiring a magical condom for sexual intercourse with a witch.

“Hobo Chic sounds fucking serious,
not to mention angry. If you don’t have a beard
already, you’ll probably grow one once
the four horrid songs are over”
7.5/10 - TERRORIZER.

Download digital formats from our downloads Page or go to: www.hibernacularecords.bandcamp.com