• Image of "A Voyage in Solitude" By Garganjua

Digital Download available from: www.blackbowrecords.bandcamp.com

"A voyage in solitude" is the debut album by Garganjua, a 4 piece doom band from the east midlands, formed in 2013 Garganjua have quickly established themselves a reputation as a solid, heavy and reliable band on the live circuit.

The bands style has developed and changed significantly since the first release and we have now been
compared to bands such as Yob, Pallbearer and Ahab.

The album was recorded at SkyHammer Studios with engineer Chris Fielding (Conan, Winterfylleth, Witchsorrow) and features 4 songs of epic melodic doom stretching 40 minutes plus.

Available in jewel case with full colour artwork, 4 page booklet and monolith tones of doom.

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