Hibernaculum plural form: Hibernacula (Latin, "tent for winter quarters") is a word used in zoology to refer to a place of abode in which a creature seeks refuge.

We are not a tradition record label, we seek to be a dwelling, a habitat, a place where music can be crafted and let free to roam this landscape of existence.

Hibernacula is run by people who are in bands and passionate about bands. We want to see music that is created with zeal and passion be exposed, and allowed to flourish.

We do not seek to restrict musicians. Or to take away from what is rightfully theirs. 

We treat our artists as how we would treat ourselves, we seek to be transparent and informative. Without being blinded by monetary gain. 

Through equality and respect, true art can grow from within. And correct marketing and promotion should not detract from that, it should only seek to enhance and compliment what has already been created.

We are Hibernacula, a dwelling for creativity to flow.